Short introductory documentaries
from Dubrovnik and Adriatic Sea

The first and true view on the heritage of the Croatian Adriatic
Is it possible to tell the history, legends, myths and mysteries of the Adriatic in just a few minutes? And to do it in an informative, engaging and fun way at the same time?
Yes, is it done in the way the IntroDoc Series of short educational documentaries does, whose episodes deal with Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik municipality, Split, Vis and the Adriatic lighthouses. Intended for Croatian and foreign viewers alike, the series reveals its purpose in the title itself, as it is a documentary introduction to certain aspects of the history and legends of the main places of the Croatian Adriatic coast. But all the episodes are real mini-plays, even mini-thrillers about their protagonists and specific events. Many important historical, cultural and geographical symbols of the national heritage are explained in a dynamic and pregnant way, from Dubrovnik and Split greats and monuments to lesser-known details of parts of the eastern Adriatic coast.
The episodes merge into sections of an exciting and inspiring journey across the Adriatic in which the means of transport, whether on land, sea or air, is replaced by the skill and company of a film presenter as the best possible companion and interlocutor.

Boško Picula

Film critic

Dear Mr. Duper, I watched your videos on various topics from the area of our rich cultural and historical heritage with interest. Our conversation further clarified to me the holistic approach of the intended endeavor and helped me realize how deeply immersed you personally are in it.
Congratulations on your idea, effort and resourcefulness with the aim of valorising our rich heritage. I especially support the approach and the desire to put video stories in the function of deepening and expanding knowledge about who we are and what we are, to all those interested in Croatia, either as a tourist destination or as one of the gems of Euro-Mediterranean cultural and historical heritage.
In giving you support in your efforts to make this project come true, I think it is necessary to emphasize that you will need, in addition to the support of direct cultural and tourism institutions, additional support from at least two ministries.
I am thinking, in particular, of the Ministries of Culture and Tourism. With best wishes, with respect.

Niko Bulić

Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia 1993-1997 - Director of the Head Office at CNTB. 1999-2012

Dear Mr. Duper,
continuing the IntroDoc Series project that you presented in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, the City of Dubrovnik hereby gives full support to its implementation. The project of the series for tourists and local people is commendable because it is designed to convey beauty and tell the story of the rich natural and cultural heritage entrusted to our preservation through an innovative and interesting way: audiovisual materials.
The City of Dubrovnik supports all activities aimed at achieving the highest quality tourist offer, especially such educational media content which represents a step beyond the promotion of the destination. This is a concept adapted to new media and social networks, and consequently, the City of Dubrovnik is pleased to support the development of the IntroDoc Series project.

Mato Franković

Mayor of Dubrovnik

Dear Mr. Duper,
I am extremely pleased to be able to recommend the IntroDoc Series project. I sincerely hope that your ideas will come into fruition, and that cities and places on the Adriatic will get an incredibly impressive platform for the most significant and beautiful stories about them.
The reviews on the published videos testify to the high professionalism and genuine approach in processing the topic and its presentation, as well as the carefully chosen format which is not tiring, but instructive. It sounds like a recipe for success and I am confident you will make it happen!

Julijana Antić Brautović

Director of the Dubrovnik Museums

Dear Mr. Duper,
I followed the link to your IntroDoc Series on the history, secrets and mysteries of the history of the Adriatic with interest. Excellently conceived project, very nicely produced, written and directed. As a history teacher by profession, I compliment you on your flawless work in regard to verifying historical facts, a very important aspect for this type of topic, which deals with lesser-known historical phenomena.
As for the medium, your project with its short form provides huge educational potential, given that today’s viewers, especially younger people, do not have enough concentration to watch longer educational content. So I think your series is a great hit for exactly that kind of audience.
With your lively and pictorial approach, you have made the historical content, which can often be dry, interesting and intriguing. I am convinced that your series would be extremely valuable television content that would easily find its way to the viewers.
With regards,

Božidar Domagoj Burić

Screenwriter and director

The IntroDoc Series short media content project was conceived on the basis of appreciating the cultural and natural heritage of the Croatian Adriatic coast, and thus certainly contributes to the popularization of that heritage.
The episodes recorded so far as part of the project show that the basic idea is to popularize heritage in a simple, approachable and visually attractive way, but at the same time based on scientific facts about individual monuments and historical events. They also show how the author is able to gather a team of collaborators and carry out the project according to his basic idea.
The special value of the project is precisely in the simplicity and accessibility of the message (short content, visuals, method of editing), which summarizes the most important and scientifically verified knowledge about individual monuments and historical events. This distinguishes it from many similar projects that often either do not have accessibility to a wider audience or do not convey sufficiently verified scientific facts on the topic they are working on.
It is also worth noting that the IntroDoc Series project aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage in the local communities, i.e. the area in which and from which they live. Equally, it is important to add that this project could have, not only a commercial role in the tourism sector, but also an educational one, especially in the local community, and especially if we take into account modern ways of communication.
Thus, we can state that the IntroDocSeries project by Nikola Duper is worth supporting in its development and implementation because it is a step forward in the traditional way of presenting our cultural and natural heritage.

Ivan Viđen

Dipl. art historian and dipl. archaeologist

As an entrepreneur, I always have a list of ideas for development of broad social interest. One of them is the “virtual history museum” which would bring the visitor closer to the history of the destination they are visiting in a simple, interesting, fun and informative way. We are witnessing how we live in fast times, where people have less and less time and that long videos and long stories is hardly apt to reach a wider mass. Given this fact, I find it extremely useful for any destination to have such presentation content in the context of promotion but also the quality of the offer, and I honestly see the IntroDoc Series project a complete success in this regard.
I am always guided by the end user in my work and if the project meets the needs of the end user, it has my full support. In this regard, I can imagine, or rather, I am happy to imagine that our destination gets its promotion as well as the presentation of its history.

Nino Dubretić

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Direct Booker